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Consulting Services

1.) Carroll Consulting and Training believes that a review of criminal inesvtigations can be benificial to both the successful solution of a crime and the court presentation of the related charges.

For law enforcement agencies a review by an experienced "outside investigator" may provide additional investigative stratagies not previously used during the investigation.

I believe that when attorneys review a criminal case, they review that case for constitutional issues.  By thier very nature, detectives see the case from a "different perspective." A review of the investigative case file by an "outside investigator" may reveal breaches in the investigation (failure to follow-up leads or suspects, evidence not recovered or examined, etc.) that "may tend to show" that your client may not have committed the crime or that another individual may be responsible.

2.) Carroll Consulting and Training believes that contemporary written policies are the best way for a law enforcement agency to fulfill its function of serving the public.  I am available to assist  drafting or updating department operational policies.