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A new 160 page comprehensive book by Sgt. Carroll and Captain Patenaude that illustrates the BEST PRACTICES on how and why investigators should conduct SEQUENTIAL DOUBLE BLIND EYEWITNESS IDENTIFICATIONS. This text examines and describes the proper instructions to provide to witnesses prior to any identification procedure, as well as how to build and present live line ups and photo arrays. The authors address the issues surrounding the show up procedures, the fall out of witness bolstering, and reasons to gather a confidence statement from witnesses at the time of any identification procedure.  Included within the book are real case scenarios from the authors experiences and a sample policy and forms that can be used to implement the sequential double blind eyewitness identification procedures.



“Eyewitness testimony has been described as more compelling in some case than is DNA or physical evidence. Shouldn’t evidence as critical as eyewitness testimony be treated as cautiously as trace evidence? How do we do this? When my agency converted to the process in 2009 we trained over 200 investigators on the process. One reason for our success was the fact we educated our personnel and prosecutors on the process. With this new and better process an area for defense suppression was taken away, which actually cut down on needless suppression hearings. The bottom line is the sequential lineup process is a better more reliable process, easily taught and administered and should be adopted by every law enforcement agency in the nation. The original guide just scratched the surface. This book tells the rest of the story.” Major J.R. Burton, Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, Tampa, FL

"This a clear, careful, readable, book that brings together the best of the street, the lab, and the courtroom to make sure that in eyewitness cases the guilty get convicted and the innocent don't---a very valuable contribution for anyone who cares about doing good work in the justice system." James Doyle, Attorney Carney & Basill Boston, MA

“A valuable guide for law enforcement professionals at all levels. This thorough, concise and reader friendly guide is brought to life by our real-life experiences. Should be required reading for both newly promoted and veteran detectives.” Sgt. David Ryan (ret.) Detective Division Chicago Police Department

“This book is just like the author’s day long Eyewitness Evidence class, without the jokes. An easy book to read. It has lots of great information.” LGC, Chicago, Illinois

“Excellent! I thought that it was terrific, very clear and well organized. The book is packed with great and practical suggestions.” Susan A. Bandes Professor of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar University of Miami Law School

“This book should be in every investigator’s desk drawer and referred to frequently. We provide tools and knowledge to ensure that eyewitness evidence is accurate and stands up to the scrutiny of today’s criminal and civil trials.” Officer Daniel Donoghue Sr. Willow Springs Police Department, Illinois

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