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Hi Paul, I am interested in purchasing 5 books (Eyewitness Identification) from you.  The book is fascinating and educational. What a great learning tool.  Respectfully, Joseph G. Chillari
Private Investigator, Retired Police Officer, Chillari And Associates Inc. Kunkletown, PA

Sgt. Carroll: Thanks so much for your presentation at the Actual Innocence program in Austin yesterday. It was most informative and interesting.  And thanks for autographing your book for me.  As we discussed, please send me the CD with your eyewitness identification materials on it.  Thanks again and best regards, Mike McMillen, Waco, TX

Hi Paul- I saw you in Austin yesterday- great presentation- great book !!! I am taking you up on your very kind offer concerning  Eyewitness resourcesWe recently attended your class at the NDIA conference and found it extremely useful.  Ted Wood, San Antonio, TX
We learned a great deal from your class and hope to see you at the next conference.
It was great meeting you in Jacksonville last week. Your presentations were informative and engaging.
"Your class was great, I learned so much and have taken it back to my department.  All the things you taught worked.  I hope to get you down for a class in our area." Detective, Porterdale, Georgia Police Department

Comments from the Arizona Public Defender's Annual Conference, June 24 to 26, 2011, Tempe, Arizona.   
Excellent; loved to see how interrogations are done and why. Good info; would like more focus on impeaching officers on their technique and actions in eliciting confessions. Good perspective on what cops do. Very good as an ex-police officer have seen these methods used and taught before. Paul Carroll knows what he is talking about. He is very professional. Please bring him back next year. Not bad; a little rushed there were a lot of slides in the presentation. Great info. Good; makes subject material fun. Very knowledgeable, holds interest. Great speaker. Paul Carroll; very good. I enjoyed his anecdotes. Great presenter as usual.  
Good info.  Great. Very useful and informative and fun. Gave it a 10. Very good, exhibits were compelling. Great class lots of info and very entertaining. The presentation was well organized and well explained. Good. One of the best classes would really like to see more time devoted to this area of interaction. Maybe a two part with time to cover more topics.  
Funny. Like this speaker, he is very personal and good info. Paul entertained as well informed. Brought interest to class. Keep him coming back he is great! Very knowledgeable and a good presenter. Would take more class, was a wealth of experience. Paul was very interesting, kept attention. I think his presentation should be more for attorneys than staff. Good, again made subject material interesting. Had two classes with Paul one of the best instructors here, great source of information. Sure was knowledgeable.  He can do it again next year.

"Looking forward to hearing you speak again."   Wisconsin Investigator

Paul, Really enjoyed the 3 days in Springfield, Massachusetts.   Attorney, Connecticut Public Defender's Office

The training was GREAT.  Police Lt from Oregon

I have enjoyed your classes in the past.  Please send me your three disc handouts.   Sgt. Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Dept.

I attended your eyewitness evidence class in Kansas City.  I got a lot out of the training.  Detective, Spring Hill, Kansas Police Dept.

"I really enjoyed your seminar!" Mississippi Office of Capital Post Conviction Counsel

I attended one of your classes in Annapolis in August of this year and it was great.
Investigator, Federal Public Defender's Office, Greenbelt, Maryland

Paul, Your presentation at OWLA was outstanding.  Sgt. Dennis Fitz, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (Ret.)

"I just wanted to mention  that your training and materials were very interesting."   Criminal Investigator, Massachusetts CPSC
"I attended the October 2, 2009 Eyewitness ID class you taught at in Columbus, Ohio. Well done by the way - I learned quite a bit from you"  D/Sgt, Lancaster, Ohio PD 
The following are comments from the Arizona State Public Defender conference held June 17-19, 2009 in Tempe, Arizona                                                           

A+;   Excellent- great photos;   Wonderful material & speaker;   Very good;  
Very good- this guy Paul Carroll is awesome;   Interesting  course lots of pictures
showing the brutality of auto erotic fatality;   Interesting yet disturbing to see some
 of the pictures;  Good information;   Best course I attended;   Very helpful info;  
Interesting(2);   Fascinating;   Wonderful information provided- interesting topic;  
 I can’t put this on my CLE list for the state bar-I will never forget the photos from this
course;   Paul Carroll-strange but different;   Informative; Excellent(2);   Excellent-very interesting topic and it is pertinent to a case that I am working on;   Great;  
Very good- very experienced and knowledgeable, interaction between faculty &
attendees;   Very good-bring him back;   Very good- got to issues fine;   Good;   Really
good;   Great course;   Awesome;   Great info-needs to be done in more than one section;  
Good-good to get cops perspective on IDs, entertaining & lively;   Informative-made a lot
of sense used many examples;   Great idea on how to challenge ID;   Could have used 2 full sessions-very good information;   Lots of great information;   Interesting, informative-he
needed 3 hours-just started getting into the meat when time ran out;   Interesting, different
point of view given was useful;   Very interesting course- a lot of information in an hour;  
Great presentation, good perspective on the eye-witness information;   Great PowerPoint, information, presentation, video & clips;   Very interesting;   Lots of good useful info;  
Very good exhibits;
Great speaker (3);   Great speaker-holds your attention-especially at the ending;   Speaker
was great-very entertaining and knowledgeable;   Very good;   He is engaging-made
sensitive material easier to consider;  Good, humorous, entertaining;   Carroll made it
humorous and entertaining-very easy going guy –I look forward to hearing his presentation tomorrow;   Entertaining and knowledgeable;   Funny, engaging, very knowledgeable;   
very funny, kept it interesting;   Humorous;   Funny;  Good at presenting, familiar w/selected material;   Impressive expertise; Excellent (2);    He is an excellent speaker-I would like to
see him at another conference;   Great (2);   Great, engaging interesting;   Great speaker;  
Very good (2);  Great-very entertaining and informative;  Great speaker-knew a lot in his
field-great guy;   Paul Carroll is great-this instructor is the best in the whole conference;  
Easy to listen to, spoke clearly-easy to understand , used appropriate material/handouts;    
He is a great speaker-very interesting, holds your attention;   Engaging & knowledgeable;  
Very entertaining, good sense of humor;   B+;   What a talker;   Helpful to have this kind of presenter w/police/prosecution perspective;   Good guy, open to questions and receptive to questions on comments during his presentation;   Strong presenter, funny, fast moving;   Interesting &entertaining, easy to listen to;   This is a great presentation & great speaker, he should be given the time to present the whole thing in 2 sessions-I’d like to hear some more.
I wish to thank you for the training and the CD.  It was beneficial and very enjoyable.  Juneau Co Wisconsin Coroner's Office
"Thanks for a great day August 5th, 2009 (Death Investigation class Pittsburgh, PA).  I found your presentation very interesting."    Officer from Butler Township, Pa
"You are an exceptional speaker, well versed and very knowledgeable.  I heard nothing but good things from both attorneys and investigators.  I look forward to you coming back" (for additional training sessions).      
Investigator, Arizona Public defender's Association
"I attended your death investigations class at Yarmouth, Mass PD last month and I wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. I certainly learned a lot!!!  Just wanted to say thank you, you taught me some good stuff. Hope you come back this way again soon!"                                    Gordon Gibbons, Yarmouth PD
"I enjoyed your Eyewitness Evidence class in Tunica, we need as many skilled and straightforward police officers as possible."
Mississippi Capitol Defense
"Thank you for bringing this training to the friendly confines of Massachusetts."  Public Safety Dept. Cambridge Health
"It is extremely helpful to send our investigators to top quality programs as these even in these tough economic times."    Massachusetts CPCS
Hi Paul, I attended your eyewitness evidence class about 2years ago and found it to be very informative.
Det.Sgt.Ben Parisi, South Euclid Police Department
"Thanks for all your help in the past few years. My achievements certainly are a product of your input and expertise."  Public Defender's Office  Council Bluffs, Iowa

Paul, GREAT seminar on the 4th.  Sgt. Acton, Massachusetts PD

Sgt., Just a thankyou and to advise you of a job well done on your class held at Leicester PD 12/3/08.  I only attended the first day of class "Eyewitness Evidence" and enjoyed the information provided.  The disk that was provided is very interesting with a great deal of information.  Take care and Happy Holidays.  Trooper Anthony A. Alestock   Mass State Police

“I went to the witness and homicide investigation training in Wisconsin Dells by Carroll Consulting last week.   The training was excellent and I brought a lot of information out of it.”

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for a great class.  It’s always good to refresh some old information get new information and new ideas. I enjoyed all the great information and will look through your CD.  I did enjoy the death investigation class... Detective, Charlotte County, Florida

 I enjoyed all the great information and will look through your CD.  I did enjoy the death investigation class and would like to learn more about it.

Sgt. Carroll, Great informative class the last couple of days there in White County Arkansas. Thanks for passing on to us many of your experiences and useful extensive knowledge of death investigations. Good luck with your Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series! Thanks again! --Captain Scott McFarland, Sherwood Police    23-Oct-08


Your name came up in a recent conversation so I decided to Google it. You learned how to do a Web site. Now you can teach me! I thought you were totally retired by now. Nice to see you are still active. It seems like only yesterday we were playing cops & robbers in the alley behind Essex. I'm still in the clothing business in Matteson, Il. and now also in Las Vegas. Contact me when you have time.
"A much belated thanks for helping us with the legislative study committee on eyewitness.  Your help and testimony made a significant impact on the legislators and in particular, the police."   Bill Shugan, Georgia Innocence Project
"Good Course"  Please send me a copy of the presentation.  Minnesota
"I attended one of your previous seminars in Madison (Wisconsin) and enjoyed it so much, I'm coming back for more."
"We had a lot of great comments on your presentation."   Wisconsin Association for Identification
"Paul attracted a critical audience of senior law enforcement officers.  He kept their attention for two solid days with excellent material, policy content from the Department of Justice studies and other research, many anecdotes, a few wise cracks and powerpoints that were great."    Sedgwick County (Kansas) Public Defender's Office
"Your presentation at our last eyewitness identification program received rave reviews." 
        Ohio Innocence Project, University of Cincinnati
I really enjoyed your class and would like to attend more.:Portage Co Wisconsin SD.
"Great training in Connecticut."  G.L., Dutchess Co NY
"The eyewitness class was very informative, great information."  Spokane County (Washington) Medical Examiner's Office
We want to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to come and lecture at our 42nd Annual WAI Conference last week.  We heard so much positive feedback from our members.
"I recently attended your Managing Criminal Investigations class in Appleton.  Can you please send me your powerpoint presentation as I found points throughout the class very important."      Sgt-Sheboygan Falls, Wisc Police Dept
"You were a great help in bringing this case to a resolution."  Iowa State Public Defender's Office
EXCELLENT CLASS!  Wisconson State Capitol Police
"I was completely fascinated by your presentation and I consider it some of the most valuable training that I've received."  Det Sgt Mississippi State University Police
Great training in Conn.!  You really do need a sense of humor to deal with the horrible things people do to themselves and others.  Thanks   Dutchess Co, NY
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Death Scene Investigation Class.  I am very new to the Criminal Investigations Unit and after attending your class I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable insight.   Det. from Florence, SC Police Dept
Your presentation provided our attendees with invaluable insight and was very well received by everyone.  Your ability to convey a vast amount of information, knowledge and experience greatly assisted us in attaining our goal of providing the highest level of quality instructions on homicide investigations.
Lt/Col Pedro J Perez  Asst Dep Supt BCI, NYSP
Your experience, dedication and knowledge provided immeasurable insight to our conference participants.
 Maj Kenneth A Bouche   District Commander, Illinois State Police
Sgt. Gary Hefner : Sgt. Carroll on behalf of the Harrisburg Police Department I would like to thank you for the very informative class you taught us. 19-Oct-06

"Being in CID, this is one of the best classes I've been to."  Lawrence County, Arkansas Sheriff's Dept

"Thanks again for the class, they all learned something new"  Detective Bureau Commander, Elgin, Illinois

"We got rave reviews from the attendees at last year's seminar..."   Academic Director of the Cincinnati College of Law

It's a good thing I got out of journalism when I did, all the best Chicago Police Decetcives have retired.  Stibich (former Chicago Police Chief of Detectives) told me you were the best.  He was right.        Gene O'Shea (reporter/author)

"Thank you so much for coming to my classes.  As always, you were awesome!"  Susan from Depaul University

"I also want you to know what a pleasure it was for me to get to work with you.  You helped me to see a number of important things with regard to the interrogation and investigation that were important for the jury to hear."  George Kendall

"Paul, ...I would just like to say, I really enjoyed the eyewitness evidence class today.  You were well prepared and did a great job."  Lt. Gammage, Olive Branch

"Paul, ...your training was well worth it."  SA Madrid

"Paul, I had your eyewitness class in Raleigh in January. Great class."  R. Byrd, Town of Cary

"I attended one of your DI classes in Council Bluffs, Iowa a number of years ago...At any rate, you put on a very good class."  Capt. M. Heino, Carroll PD, Iowa

"Again, let me say how much I enjoyed your conference, as the information will prove to be a valuable aid in Death Investigation for our Department." Inv. R. Ring, Greene County Sheriff's Department, AR

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Det. Lt. Ken Patenaude and his wife Mary, and I hope you all enjoyed your trip to Boston.  ....the judges in attendance appreciated the program and the opportunity to hear more about the guidelines and techniques for collecting eyewitness evidence.  They were impressed with the substance and depth of the program, from the basics of human memory to the process of creating the guidelines to the specific techniques and procedures discussed.  Not only was the substance of relevance and importance to the judges in attendance, but the stories and anecdotes told have made great fodder for cocktail parties and receptions - always a sign of a memorable program."  Sal Ricciardone, Esq., Flaschner Judicial Institute, Boston, MA

"I have seen you speak, before and I really enjoyed it."  Leslie Strickland

"I sure remember the days when you taught at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville when I just started out 20 years ago.  You teach a great class."  Lt. Art Phillips, Evansville PD, WI

"I enjoyed your class and look forward to our continued association."  Det. Mark Hussey, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Orlando, FL

"Your presentation brought expertise and passion that we would not be able to find anywhere else.  Your presentation had a profound effect on those in the audience."    Rosenthal Institute for Justice, Cincinnati College of Law

Your death investigation presentation was great."     a Connecticut prosecutor

"I thought I'd pass along that folks loved your presentation." Maureen Essex, Maryland Office of the Public Defender, 6 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202